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Impact Story: How Food Funda program changed Princi's life

Updated: May 1, 2023

"I learnt a lot about food, nutrition and healthy eating. I have reduced eating junk food. I also read the ingredient table of food packets now.
- Princi Saini, 12

Princi is a 12-year old girl studying in Class 7th in R.K. Public School, an affordable private school (APS) in Nathupur village in Gurgaon, Haryana. She was a very active participant in Food Funda: School Nutrition Awareness Program, where she learnt about food and nutrition through sessions, activities and games. And her performance has been impressive, to say the least!

Princi attended all 6 workshop sessions and completed all the challenges. She also completed the Pre- and Post-Tests, which helped us monitor the change in her Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour towards on healthy eating before and after the program. And she showed significant improvement! For example, her Knowledge scores went up from 50% to 90%. Her Behaviour score jumped up by 18% and Attitude score by 12%. One of the aims of the program is to induce behaviour change towards increased diet diversity. Princi clearly started taking steps towards this. For example, she increased consumption of both fruits and dairy products from around 4-6 times a week to daily; consumption of leafy vegetables from less than twice a week to 2-3 days; and consumption of other vegetables from 2-3 days to 4-6 days per week.

Princi really enjoyed the program, and gave it 5/5 rating on both how useful and how interesting it was. She said:

"It was very useful to me. I learnt very much about food nutrition and health. Thank you Food Funda for giving us such a good information."

Princi also opted to take up the 21-day Tummy Tracker Challenge, that enabled her to track and score herself on diet diversity and junk food consumption over a 3-week period. For this challenge, she picked pizza and noodles as her top 2 favourite junk food items. She reduced their consumption from 6 times a week in Week 1, to 4 times a week in Week 2, to just twice a week by Week 3. This is her experience from the Tummy Tracker Challenge:

"Before starting Tummy Tracker challenge, I ate junk food in a day 2 or 3 times. I didn't know which things to eat and which not. And now I have made many changes. I have reduced eating junk food. I also read the ingredient table of any food packet. [This is] because I have attended all sessions of Food Funda and have learnt something new which I did not know. Thank you Food Funda!"

We are proud of Princi!



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