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Our Story

How is it possible that even in the 21st century, millions of people are deprived of the most basic human need – nourishing food?

This question prompted Raadhika to set on a journey to understand and find solutions to the problem of food and nutrition security. Blessed with a great educational and professional background, Raadhika has been working on issues of social justice and has worked on large development projects. She volunteered with other NGOs, read reports and ventured in urban slums of Delhi to try to figure out why some people are not eating enough and/or not eating well. This research led her to discover how the problems of hunger and malnutrition are interlinked with multiple issues involving poor access to affordable healthy food, increased access to junk food, knowledge gap in health and nutrition, and our overall food systems. She decided to work towards sustainable solutions to empower communities to be able to choose and consume healthy food.

Amit has personally witnessed the consequences of poor food choices on people around him. During his childhood, he had seen many family members and relatives become dependent on medicines for their health, and even survival. This developed within him a strong urge to stay healthy through right eating and active lifestyle, without medication. A marathoner and triathlete, he also developed a passion in healthy cooking. But while he followed a healthy lifestyle, he could not help but notice the lack of health consciousness among many of his peers, who commonly practiced unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. During his TeachforIndia fellowship, he noticed the same pattern among children from low-income families. Through Foodshaala, he is moving towards his vision of enabling access and knowledge on healthy food to everyone.

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