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Through the Words of a Teacher: Another Shoutout for the Food Funda Program!

Our Food Funda: School Nutrition Awareness Program was launched a few years ago across multiple schools in low-income communities to empower children with appropriate knowledge of food and nutrition, and behaviour change tools to start eating healthier. Our workshops, activities, challenges and quizzes were all designed to make it a making it a fun learning process.

The program proved to be a huge success for us. We saw a significant shift in the children’s knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards healthy eating. But interestingly, the adults (teachers and parents) also benefitted from the program!

Here, let's hear from Ms. Anisha Rajput, Classteacher for Classes 6th and 7th at RK Public School, Nathupur village, Gurgaon, who also attended the program with the kids. In her own words:

"Recently I took the nutrition session with Purnima Ma’am from Foodshaala. I just want to say that the way with which she explains the topics with presentations and diagrams makes it very simple for the students to understand how to cook healthy foods and how to eat salads and what are the advantages of these. This is very informative, especially the way she takes the quiz competition at the end and the warm-up tasks at the start-I love the way she explains to the students. The recipes were very easy to follow and child friendly."

Not only did Ms. Rajput found the course useful for the school students, but she also found it useful for herself and her family:

"I will tell you a scenario where our school smart board was not working. That time I gave my laptop to Purnima ma’am to explain the presentation. The slides were installed in my laptop. I took my the laptop home which had the slides, and I made my brother and sister perform the tasks that Purnima Ma’am had shared with the children and they were very happy to perform those tasks. In my opinion, thanks a lot to Purnima Ma’am for giving the sessions to the students. I also feel a very positive energy to cook more and more healthy food because I don’t eat very healthy food. I love snacks and fast food. So I really love to work with you. Thank you!”

You can also watch her testimonial below:

We thank Ms. Rajput for sharing her candid feedback with us and for supporting our program. We look forward to reaching more kids (and adults!) and impacting their lives.



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