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Recipe: Watermelon Mojito

Updated: May 22, 2021

Summers are here! Are you in the mood for a tasty thirst-quencher but are bored of the same old drinks? Try this Watermelon Mojito for a refreshing mocktail this summer. It's an easy and fun-filled recipe, so don't forget to involve your kids.


  • 1 cup watermelon pieces (preferably deseeded)

  • 1 medium size lemon diced to small pieces

  • 8-10 mint leaves

  • 2 tsp honey OR powdered brown sugar

  • 50-60 ml club soda

  • ½ tsp black salt

For assembling:

  • 5-6 ice cubes

  • 3-4 lemon slices

  • 3-4 mint leaves

  • 2-3 water melon cubes

  • 1 piece of watermelon cut in any preferred shape

Serving: 1


  1. In bowl, watermelon pieces, diced lemon, black salt, mint leaves, honey or powdered sugar.

  2. Now with the help of a presser, crush every thing for a minute so that all watermelon and lemon pieces are crushed and all flavours gets mixed. Strain this mixture through a strainer and keep this juice aside.


  1. Take a glass, and add ice cubes, lemon slices, mint leaves and watermelon cubes.

  2. Pour the watermelon juice into the glass up to 2/3 volume of the glass.

  3. Top it with soda. Give the drink a stir.

  4. Decorate the glass with a lemon slice and watermelon piece.

Your Watermelon Mojito is ready!

Know Your Ingredients:


Watermelon is an ideal fruit to stay hydrated in summers because around 92% of it is water. Its high water content and low calories make it a great fruit for weight loss. Watermelon is also rich in vitamins C and A, both of which are good for hair and skin. Watermelon also aids digestion and relieves muscle soreness.


Mint not only add flavour to your food, but also makes it more healthy. Mint is a good source of vitamin A and antioxidants. Mint can also aid digestion, boost immune system and improve brain function. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties also make it effective in treating acne.


Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity. The vitamin C and citric acid in lemons also support absorption of iron from food. Lemons may also aid weight loss, support digestion and reduce risk of heart disease, kidney stones and cancer. Heating lemon juice can cause loss of vitamin C, so it is best to consume it at warm or room temperature.

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