Here's What To Put In Your Ration Pack

While providing food during a crisis is not easy, here are some suggestions on how ration packs may be designed to provide a balanced meal.

Recipe: Veggie Malai Kofta

Struggling with making kids eat veggies? Try this delicious Veggie Malai Kofta, loaded with veggies like lauki, kaddu and carrots.

Recipe: Jowar Ragi Dosa

Here is our millet twist to your favourite dosa! This recipes uses jowar, ragi and dal instead of rice-suji for healthier and tastier dosas.

Recipe: Gehun Dal upma

We all use wheat grain in its flour form, but not many of us would have cooked this cereal in its whole grain form. Whole grain is more nutritious and fibrous than its powdered form. You can also sprout the whole grain, which frees it from anti-nutrients and enhances the protein and vitamin C content. In this recipe, we have used the combination of whole cereal and pulses which has enhanced both the quantity and quality of the overall protein intake (check “Did You Know?” section below for more detail). You can also try this upma recipe by replacing wheat with jowar or jau. In future, we will share more such healthy recipes using other whole grains. Till then, do try this Gehun Dal recipe an

Recipe: Leftover Dal Cheela

Often, we find leftover dal in our fridges and struggle to finish it. One of the common methods used in families is to use this dal to prepa


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